Be Your Guide

How to explore the unique beauty of a vibrant and constantly changing city like Barcelona? And how to discover its abundant possibilities, getting to know the cities world-famous sites and places as well as its hidden secrets in limited time?

Group activities such as treasure search and geo caching.

Customised tours and activities.

Be Your Guide combines the possibilities of new technologies like tablets, gps-services and apps to let you experience Barcelona´s rich city life with all senses, based on your preferences, time schedule and interests.

ByG provides a clever alternative to the static information of a book or the limitations of normal websites and classic tour guides.

ByG is dedicated to let you and your clients enjoy the city by exploring Barcelona in your hands.

Beta Version 1.2

A GPS city map that makes sure you will always know where you are.

Dictionary and Metro map.

Walking tours that give you the freedom to visit the cultural highlights of the city.

By Be Your Guide

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